On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 12:45:11PM -0600, Mark R Grant wrote:
> 1.  I cleaned up the source directories using "cd /usr ; make cleandir"
> 2.  I cleaned up the object directories using "cd /usr/obj ; chflags -R
> noschg * ; rm -rf *"

These two steps should be reversed.  The `make cleandir' in #1 will clean
out the /usr/obj/<...dir> shadow tree if it exists, else the dir w/in
/usr/src/  ``make cleandir && make cleandir'' is the way to ensure that
/usr/src is truely clean (or do your step #2 above first).

> 4.  I decided that since I am too much of a novice at this, I should use the
> buildworld and installworld seperately.  I ran "cd /usr/src ; make -j2
> buildworld"

With -jX (X > 1), you cannot trust any error output.  You would be better
off not using -j until you know you can build the world.  From the output
you provide I'm not sure why the /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/mk directory
doesn't exist.  But please try your step #2, followed by our step #1 and
see if this goes away.

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