In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Nate Williams writes:
: > >I'll have to look up the CIS_PTR spec.  I'm not sure I like hardwiring
: > >things like this.
: > 
: > Where did you get a copy of the pccard spec?  Do you have to order
: > it from the pcmcia SIG?
: Mike has my really old copy you can have (if you can get it from him),
: and I think FreeBSD Inc. bought Warner a copy.

Yes, they did.  Since it was FreeBSD, Inc a limited sharing of the
electronic version may be permitted (I have to go look at the license
that came with the cdrom, but I think it said limited sharing within
the organization is permitted).

: It's *HUGE*.

Yes.  It takes up more space than the cabinet that I keep 90% of my
pcmcia/cardbus cards in :-).  I'd have been happy with the cdrom


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