In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Wes Peters writes:
: If it permits sharing within the "engineering department" perhaps we should
: just mount it in a drive on freefall.  That's the usual sharing arrangement
: within for-profit companies, and only FreeBSD "associates" have access to
: freefall.

I think that we can do that (or I can just put them in my local
directory).  We can't put them on a web page, however.  I had them in
a private directory for a while.

I'm having problems finding the cdrom, so I'm having problems finding
the exact license that we have the cdrom under.  Some of them restrict
things to one geographic division, while others do not.  Until then,
I'm not going to make them generally available to all FreeBSD
developers.  I may make them available on an as needed basis to
bonified cardbus workers (which I define arbitrarily as people that
have submitted code for cardbus).

BTW, has the pci specs on a
cdrom for an excellent deal on pci specs.


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