> Ok so I've been told this is related to the random module.

Related, sure, but the real problem is elsewhere.

> Having had a look through the code I now understand what the problem is.
> I think that for those people using /dev/sysmouse under X that
> having random_harvest in scmouse.c is probably ill advised. 

That is a _great_ source of entropy. Please explain "ill advised".

> Can we have a flag for syscons to turn this off, or do we just turn off
> moused and run X with direct access to the mouse? Since it seems you
> can do this, there wouldn't seem to be harm in having a flag.

Why? The rest of the kernel has not had the Giant mutex properly
degraded/removed/unravelled, and this is the real problem.

If having the mouse randomness (very approcimately the best randomness
available) removed is really what you want, then doing a private
patch in your own sources is probably best.

Later, when the Giant unravelling progresses, you can remove that.

> I still need the random module to use ssh (and I used to have it built
> into my kernel, so I could simply unload it).

See above. SSH needs good randomness. it is silly to try to break

> It seems a bit of a shame that if you want to use your sound card that
> you give up X, or you give up ssh.

If you are function oriented, rather than development oriented,
why are you useing CURRENT?

Mark Murray
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