On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Mark Murray wrote:

> > I wasn't screaming for a backout, I asked for a way to turn off harvesting
> > from the mouse code. You're the one that started in, I just responded in
> > the same condescending manner you used with me.
> If I was condescending, then I apologise.
> I am somewhat frustrated, however, at the apparrent (general) lack
> of understanding that is going into this discussion.
> If I was to provide a hackaround for everything that I am working to fix,
> then that is _all_ I'd do, and undoing them afterwards would be a nightmare.

        I think this whole topic is another piece of evidence for the,
"Not everyone should be running -current" case. All of the development
plans for yarrow and its ancillary pieces have been discussed ad nauseum,
and yet some people still refuse to even come within pissing distance of a

        If the harvesting bothers you THAT much, submit patches or install
4.2. While I tend to be rather impatient regarding things like broken
builds or prolonged instability on -current; things like this that are
A) directly related to ongoing development, B) temporary, and
C) improving, are part of the price. If it's too much of a price to pay,
help fix it (the right way) or run another branch. 

    So what I want to know is, where does the RED brick road go?

        Do YOU Yahoo!?

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