On Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 05:05:37AM +0800, Peter Wemm wrote:
> The old PnP code was matching on the card vendor ID.  The new pnp code
> treats each logical device on it's own and matches by logical ID..
> (It's actually far more useful that way as most cards have their own
> manufacturer ID but quite often when they are compatable with something
> they use that as their logical ID.)

Ah, OK...  That makes a lot of sense.  Thanks for the clear, concise

> For example, there are a zillion Soundblaster PnP compatables with their own
> unique vendor ID but with a CTLxxxx ID on the logical device that implements
> the sb parts of the card.
> We're not doing this because we enjoy pain and suffering, it's because
> it'll be better and more robust in the long run.  Unfortunately, there was
> no canonical list of logical ID's on the cards we used to recognize.
> So I repeat for the list.. If you've got a card that used to work or does
> work under BIOS backwards compat preconfig with 'controller pnp0' disabled,
> please send us a dmesg and pnpinfo -v so we can add the ID's.  'controller
> pnp0' is quite likely to become non-optional soon so we can use the
> motherboard resource lists.

Again, thanks for the very helpful and informative answers.  I would still
appreciate it if someone could give me a little bit more of a clue as to
what is necessary to add newPnP-awareness to the AWE driver, though.
(Surly and unhelpful responses from Mike Smith specifically NOT solicited)

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