> I want to start building releases on a home box since it's not doing much 
> else when I'm at work. But I have a rather low bandwidth, so I was 
> wondering about the CVS checkout of /usr/src that the make release does. 

Well, it's fairly easy to keep a cvs repo up to date even at low
bandwidth (once you've gotten the initial sync) with cvsup.  I've been
putting the CVS repository on the mainstream CD releases too, so they
can give you a place to start if your bandwidth is *really* low for
that initial sync.  Please see http://www.freebsdmall.com for ordering
details. ;-)

> With my bandwidth the source may very well be out of synch with what the 
> binaries were built with (and it takes way too long). Or am I missing 
> something.

Probably.  The initial binary chroot tree's contents come from
/usr/obj which was ostensibly built from a fairly recent /usr/src, so
they should be in sync.

> Also is there anything against doing a 'make clean' in /usr/src (or 
> whereever it's based) and then slurping that tree into the release tree? 

You'd have to do this after the chroot tree was built, and you can
also just skip the make clean if you have a /usr/obj since /usr/src
won't be polluted by the binaries in any case.

My predominant feeling from reading your message is that you still
don't really understand release/Makefile yet and simply need to read
it very very carefully. :)

- Jordan

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