On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Jordan Hubbard wrote:

> > I want to start building releases on a home box since it's not doing much 
> > else when I'm at work. But I have a rather low bandwidth, so I was 
> > wondering about the CVS checkout of /usr/src that the make release does. 
> Well, it's fairly easy to keep a cvs repo up to date even at low
> bandwidth (once you've gotten the initial sync) with cvsup.  I've been
> putting the CVS repository on the mainstream CD releases too, so they
> can give you a place to start if your bandwidth is *really* low for
> that initial sync. 

But I don't understand why you need the whole historical cvs repository
when you only use it to check out the current source, which you already
has online. 
Or am I missing something too?


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