Christian Carstensen writes:
> > pccard_mem="0xd4000"
> > in /etc/rc.conf.  Or even 0xd8000 if that doesn't work.
> Peter,
> Thanks for your comment. For some reason my notebook needs 
> pccard_mem="0xdc000", but with this option set pcmcia support
> works well.

One thing I noticed is that /etc/defaults/pccard.conf says:

        # Available memory slots
        memory  0xd4000  96k

while /etc/rc.pccard says:

        case ${pccard_mem} in
                    pccardc pccardmem 0xd0000

Seems like there are two settings for the same "default"..
or am I confusing two different things?


Archie Cobbs     *     Packet Design     *

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