In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Archie Cobbs writes:
: One thing I noticed is that /etc/defaults/pccard.conf says:
:       # Available memory slots
:       memory  0xd4000  96k
: while /etc/rc.pccard says:
:         case ${pccard_mem} in
:       [Dd][Ee][Ff][Aa][Uu][Ll][Tt])
:                   pccardc pccardmem 0xd0000
: Seems like there are two settings for the same "default"..
: or am I confusing two different things?

You are confusing two different things.  The pccardc pccardmem command
sets the memory that is used to map the CIS, while pccard.conf sets
memory to dole out to the cards inserted.  Much like there's a
management IRQ and a card IRQ.


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