On Nov 4, 11:54am, Kent Stewart wrote:
} Subject: Re: installworld failure - libsdbm.a
} Steven Farmer wrote:
} > 
} > After this morning's cvsup and buildworld, installworld failed trying
} > to build libsdbm.a.  I worked around the problem by adding chmod to
} > Makefile.inc1 as shown below.  BTW - isn't it kind of wierd for a
} > library to be _built_ at installworld time?
} Yes, it is. It is supposed to be build in buildworld where is also
} chmod'ed appropriately. Something triggers the build during
} installworld, which is a place they don't want to add chmod to. I have
} had it hit me once.

I had the same thing happen to me yesterday abuse six hours into
a -current "make release".  The problem didn't recur when I reran
"make release".  One possible quirk is that I am mounting the scratch
area from a 4.1-stable NFS server.  Notice that only the .a file is
getting built, and not the .o files.  I suspect that the file
timestamps are getting messed up, causing make to rebuild the .a

} I added chmod to the progs line like you did and
} it did the build. I have an idea that something didn't trigger the
} build in buildworld and it was needed during the installworld. It has
} never been a problem since. I had a patch like you created and ran it
} after every cvsup but then I found out that I didn't need it. I
} capture the make output for buildworld and installworld and it hasn't
} failed since I started doing that.
} Kent
} > 
} > Cheers,
} > 
} > Steve
} > 
} > -----
} > ===> gnu/usr.bin/perl/library/SDBM_File
} > cd /usr/obj/usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/perl/library/SDBM_File/ext/SDBM_File ; make -B 
install  INSTALLPRIVLIB=/usr/libdata/perl/5.00503  
} > cd sdbm && make all
} > rm -rf libsdbm.a
} > ar cr libsdbm.a sdbm.o  pair.o  hash.o && : libsdbm.a
} > chmod 755 libsdbm.a
} > chmod:No such file or directory
} > *** Error code 1

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