Someone (I can't find who in my records, please let me know if it was
you so I can credit you in the commit message) sent out patches to
make the vx driver not use the pci compat shims.  I just found it in
my home directory, applied it, tweaked things very minorly and it
builds and boots.  Trouble is, I don't have a vortex to test with.  It
also appears that there is no driver maintainer at this time, so I
thought I'd send it here.

Please review my patches at

I'd like to commit this in a few days.  If you have a vortex board,
please give it a spin with these patches and let me know if there are
any problems.  If you have any problems with the patches, let me
know.  I'll commit this next weekend or so if there are no outstanding
issues by that time.

I think this means lnc is the last one in the tree, but I could be
wrong about that.  I didn't do an actual grep...


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