Hi again

With regard to my earlier message, I mentioned:

> My laptop has an ATI Rage Mobility AGP card in it. According to ATI rech
> support, this card is VESA-compliant - but FreeBSD doesn't recognise it
> as such.

> I searched the mailing list archives, and found

>> /usr/src/sys/i386/isa/vesa.c, line 680:
>>                 if ((vmode.v_modeattr & (V_MODEOPTINFO | V_MODENONVGA))
>>                     != (V_MODEOPTINFO))
>>                         continue;
>> The v_modeattr returned by ATI VESA bios has V_MODENONVGA bit set,
>> so all the vesa modes are ommited...

>so I hacked this code to ignore the V_MODENONVGA flag. This was only
>partially successful: I now get some VESA stuff being printed upon boot,
>but still can't use any of the VESA modes.

I noticed that vesa.c 1.34 has this change in it (4.2-stable is still
using vesa.c 1.32). This does buy me some progress, in that I get some
better dmesg output:

VESA: v2.0, 8128k memory, flags:0x0, mode_table:0xc02b6f62 (1000022)

However, using vidcontrol and attempting to set any VESA modes still
produces "operation not supported by device".

I guess the next step is to get all the debug output from vesa.c, and
see if it finds any usable VESA modes at all.

[I'm cross-posting this to freebsd-current, as it seems to be relevant
to the latest vesa.c changes]

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