Is it also capable of shrinking filesystems? I've sometimes wanted to grow 
my /var or / slice using space freed by shrinking /usr (on a default 
partitioned disk). Up to now I've solved it through symlinks, but that 
doesn't really deserve the beauty award. I'd imagine a lot of new users 
wouldn't mind being able to change partition size on a fully configured 
machine without having to resort to backup, reslice, restore....

Anyways, sounds like a very handy tool already!

Just my $0,02


At 10:34 7-12-00 -0800, you wrote:
>Due to vinum it is no problem to add disks and grow your volumes but up to
>now you couldn't easily make use of that new space for a file system, except
>using sequence of ufsdump/newfs/ufsrestore or something similar.
>Thomas ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) and me ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) have written a growfs(8)
>for FreeBSD. Currently we can only grow unmounted file systems (in a clean
>state) without any active snapshots inside. It is foreseen to enhance 
>growfs to
>grow mounted file systems as well, and handle active snapshots correctly.
>This requires some infrastructure which is then only available in FreeBSD-5,
>whilst the current design runs also happily on FreeBSD-4 and FreeBSD-3
>(tested) and possibly even on FreeBSD-2 (untested).
>To help us gathering the needed data for fixing bugs in growfs we additionally
>wrote ffsinfo(8), a (very) extended version of dumpfs.
>We've sent a couple of snapshots of our code to Kirk McKusick and to Greg
>Lehey. Greg also volunteered :-) for reviewing the code. We also maintain
>some sort of (for some contractual reasons unilaterally) contact with Don
>Coleman who is doing the same thing for BSD/OS.
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