> > > Stripe'd file systems (or concat ones) ... what growfs allows is someone
> > > to add an n+1 drive to their RAID/Stripe and increase the size of the 
> file
> >
> > No, vinum can do this alone.
> >
> > But you couldn't grow the _fs_ after that, so there was no use for
> > this vinum feature.
>Okay, that is what I said ... "add an n+1 drive to ... and increase the
>size of the file system" ...

I still don't see why growfs wouldn't work on a non-vinum volume. It's just 
a manipulation of the FS, not of the underlying device. But let's leave 
this for the makers of growfs to answer shall we =)

And yes I know about Vinum, and I know what it can do. =)


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