On 08-Dec-00 The Hermit Hacker wrote:
> Just upgraded the kernel, rebooted and it hung/panic'd with:
> panic: spin lock sched lock held by 0x0xc02a73el for > 5 seconds
> cpuid = 1; lapic.id = 01000000
> Debugger("panic")
> I have DDB enabled, and ctl-alt-esc doesn't break to the debugger, so its
> totally hung here ...
> dual-cpu celeron, smp enabled ...
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Yes.  Something is broken with mutexes for the non-I386_CPU (and thus for SMP)
case in -current with the latest commit to i386/include/mutex.h.  Of course,
you can revert that commit and then your kernel won't compile....  In the code
I've looked at so far, it looks like possibly a weird register allocation bug
in gcc and/or another weird nuance in the register constraints.  In the
specific case I am looking at, the mtx_exit() of Giant in STOPEVENT in
syscall2() failed to properly release an unrecursed, uncontested Giant in
mtx_exit() and fell through to mtx_exit_hard(), which assumes that Giant is
either recursed or contested.  When I disassembled the kernel and looked at the
code, gcc assumed that when it looked up curproc for the mtx_enter() operation
(which executed ok as far as I can tell), it could leave the value of curproc
cached in %edi _across_ the call to the stopevent() function.  My only guess is
that %edi was clobbered during stopevent(), causing the cmpxchgl to fail, and
throwing the code into mtx_exit_hard() when it shouldn't have. :(

If anyone is an expert at register constraints, etc., please feel free to look
at the macros in src/sys/i386/include/mutex.h


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