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> I hit on it by accident (I normally compile with -O). That said, your
> claim that gcc with no optimization generates incorrect code is
> kind of counter-intuitive, wouldn't you say ?

I've seen it do weird things with -O0 (mostly with C++). :)  It's just another
program.  Nothing is keeping it from having bugs. :)

> I think you missed my point, I was just illustrating that optimizer seems
> to affect (in my case apparently negate) the processing of constraints.

I am back now to thinking that it is a gcc bug in the -O case now as well.  The
constraings I removed were in fact valid, so I've put them back in, but just
disabled the macros for now until gcc is fixed.

> What you take from that is up to you - I was just trying to be helpful :)

Sorry if I came across as if I was biting your head off, that was not the

> Cheers,
> A.


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