Brandon D. Valentine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> types:
> >There are other places where FreeBSD doesn't comply with the
> >appropriate standard - packages vs. FHS, for instance. I claim that
> We don't seek to comply with the arbitrarily devised linux filesystem
> standard.  We comply with hier(5), a standard steeped in decades of
> tradition.

Corrections first: The only place where FreeBSD fails to follow FHS
(in my quick perusal of it) is in putting packages in /usr/local
instead of /opt. You can't blame that part of FHS on Linux - I have as
yet to see a Linux distro or package do it that way. No, this bit
comes from commercial vendors, where it's also steeped in years of

Rant second: FreeBSD *violates* years of traditions with it's
treatment of /usr/local. /usr/local is for *local* things, not add-on
software packages! Coopting /usr/local for non-local software creates
needless complexity and confusion, which of course leads to needless

All of which has nothing to do with the question of whether we want to
continue giving error messages that are wrong, or commit this patch
and provide ones that are actually informative.


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