On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 02:19:12PM -0600, Mike Meyer wrote:
> > > I intend "LOCALBASE clean" to mean "all files installed by other ports
> > > are looked for in the LOCALBASE tree".
> > 
> > If all ports are PREFIX clean, you will have that.  Thus it doens't need
> > to be discussed separately.
> Using the two definitions above, the first sentence is false.

How is it false?
> In particular, assume that the port APort depends on BPort in some
> way, and is PREFIX clean.

Which is PREFIX clean?  Aport or Bport?  (it is often good to not use
pronouns in technical disucssions...)

> That means that everything in APort is installed in PREFIX, and all
> APorts references to things in APort look for them there.

Which is correct if Aport is PREFIX-clean.

> Neither of those statements precludes APort from looking for things
> that are part of BPort directly in /usr/local instead of in

Yes it does if Aport is PREFIX-clean.  s./usr/local.PREFIX.g  and
would be a better way to say it, adding PREFIX != LOCALBASE.

> Doing so would make APort PREFIX clean while it was not LOCALBASE
> clean.

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