On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 03:19:06PM -0800, Nick Sayer scribbled:
| Attached is a preliminary driver for the Sony jog dial. It's enough that
| you can create a /dev/jogdial and watch letters come out.

W00t! :)  You did it!  How did you wrestle documentation out of 
Sony? (or did you ever?)  If you managed to get a Sony contact,
can I contact him too?

| It needs a lot of improvement:
| 1. Use interrupts instead of polling.
| 2. Present mouse-oriented events instead of letters.

I recall you talking about the Fn+LCD brightness and such to 
be controlled by the same controller also.  Do you have any work in that area?

<AOL whine>
IMHO, we should have:
scroll up/down : mouse 4 and 5 (just like mouse wheel)
press down while scrolling up/down : mixer vol +/-
press down one time : mouse middle paste

| 3. Fix the probe routine so that it tries to detect the presence of the
| device rather than the magic 0x10a0 port location.
| 4. Eventual ACPIification of the driver.
| 5. Create a 2nd device to deal with other devices like the lid switch,
| capture button, etc.
| But I wanted to get this much out there for people to play with.

I'll test this tonight. :)
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