>    Based on the above, I would say that Windows has powered-down the NIC. This
> is outside of the scope of the driver, so I don't think a solution should be
> implemented there. Probably something for our APM folks.

It's actually an ACPI-ish issue, however drivers are probably going to 
have to change to support it correctly.

I'm not 100% keen on having the PCI code unconditionally bring a device 
to D0 before handing it over for probe or attach; I got bitten by this 
just recently with activating I/O and memory ranges, and I think the 
only way for things to be done safely is going to be for a PCI driver to 
be required to:

 - check and enable busmastering
 - check and enable memory/port I/O as required
 - bring the device to D0 power state

All of these can be abstracted as PCI methods, so they won't require lots 
of cut-n-paste in each driver:

        pci_enable_io(dev, SYS_RES_IOPORT | SYS_RES_MEMORY);
        pci_set_powerstate(dev, PCI_POWERSTATE_D0);

Consider the above a request for review on the matter.

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