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> I'm just looking at the disk partitions, and the first 63 sectors are by
> default marked as unused. So is it really nescessary to have the ofset in
> the ar driver for HPT?

This has been changed in both -current and -stable, so use DD disks
with care (ie skip the first 10 secs)

> Correct me if I'm wrong, but in RAID1 it is essential to be able to take one
> of the drives and boot from it almost as if it was singe simple disk.

Yes, and ? that works just fine...

> How does the driver handles situation when there is one of the mirror drives
> broken or missing ?

Not at all, you have to use the BIOS to either switch off the RAID or
setup a new fresh disks or whatever you want to do.
If a RAID array is broken somehow, the driver wont attach it (a safety
mesure so you wont blow up the remaining disks)..

> Is it possible to query the driver to check, if the drives are OK from the
> userland ?


However I have an atacontrol thingie on the bench but its not ready yet,
with that you will be able to control the RAIDs and other ATA related


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