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> > On Tue, 12 Dec 2000 05:02:59 -0800, Mike Smith 
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> >     > I'll keep working on this one; things will go a lot faster if I
> >     > can get my hands on a system that misbehaves in a corresponding
> >     > fashion.
> > 
> > You're welcome to come to Iowa and use mine. I'll even put you up.
> Just make sure you bring a shovel... :-)

Oh ick, snow.  I hate that stuff. 8)

On a more relevant tangent; Michael the first - is the most recent cut of 
the code still not finding things on your PCI bus?  I noticed that your 
ATA controller *was* showing up...

If you could, could you try applying 


to a fresh -current source tree and building that?  (Make sure you use
'config -g' as well, since the last set of problems reported may have 
been due to an unclean kernel compile directory).

The output from a verbose boot with the above patch might help track some 
of this down.

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