:I'm not going to take such an action w/o the blessing of -core. :)
:David Cross                               | email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
:Lab Director                              | Rm: 308 Lally Hall

    In regards to Jordan's message just a moment ago... you know, I *total*
    forgot that the BSDI working lockd code was now available.  On the 
    otherhand I know that Dave and a lot of people spent a lot of hard work
    on lockd, and also on the kernel-side implementation.

    If we were to use the BSDI code the kernel-side implementation would 
    almost certainly be retained with only minor (if any) modification.  But
    the experiemental lockd code would be completely replaced.  

    David, how do you feel about that potentially occuring?  Would you like 
    to make a go of it with the BSDI lockd code on builder?


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