On Sunday, 17th December 2000, "Donald J . Maddox" wrote:

>Under the circumstances, it seems silly to have aout conpat
>bits installed at all, seeing as how they cannot work.

Old programs that don't depend on recompiled libraries are fine.  I can't
guess at the percentages though.  Also, nearly everybody has recompiled
for elf, where this problem never occurred.

>Like you, I normally upgrade from source --  This box has
>been -current ever since 2.0.5 or so was -current, but I
>had to reinstall from scratch a while back by installing
>4.2-RELEASE and then cvsupping back to -current, so I
>guess I lost my working aout ld.so in the process.  Bummer :(

I expected some build tool expert to say "Just compile with these
options".  But they haven't.  So I'll see if the bits have rotted,
or whether we can keep building ld.so instead of just including
an age old binary.


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