Ok, I found it.  /usr/src/sys/conf/Makefile.i386 is broken.  It looks
    like either you or David O'Brien (I'm guessing, your guys names are 
    prominent in the CVS logs but I haven't tracked it down exactly)
    screwed up the object directory creation while trying to optimize it.

    It looks like it is trying to create short object directory names.
    But the make program can't find them when looking for object directories.

    This breaks MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX.  The 'make' program looks in:

                1.   ${MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX}/`pwd`
                2.   ${MAKEOBJDIR}
                3.   obj.${MACHINE}
                4.   obj
                5.   /usr/obj/`pwd`

                (taken from the 'make' man page)

    And NONE of these is the object path you create in the Makefile.

    This causes the make system to revert to tring to create the files
    in the source directory rather then the object directory.


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