:On Sat, Dec 23, 2000 at 11:24:50AM -0800, Matt Dillon wrote:
:I will fix it today.

    Works like a charm now, thanks!  My -current source is broken out on
    my -stable machine, so the only way to compile it is via an NFS mount
    to a -current machine which, for obvious reasons, needs to be read-only.

    In regards to your commit message backing out the change.  I kinda liked
    the change (if it could be made to work).  What about modifying 'make'
    itself to provide a MAKEOBJDIRBASE environment variable in addition
    to the MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX environment variable?  Kinda messy, but I think
    it would work.

    What you would do is generate a MAKEOBJDIRBASE environment by running
    `pwd` inside /usr/src/sys/compile/BLAH.  The make program would adjust
    it's use of MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX:

            1.   ${MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX}/`pwd`

    By taking MAKEOBJDIRBASE into account.  Specifically, it would take the 
    `pwd` that *it* runs and it would chop of MAKEOBJDIRBASE, leaving us

        ${MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX}/(`pwd` with MAKEOBJDIRBASE chopped off at the head)

    I believe this would produce the correct path.  But it does require 
    modifying the 'make' program.

    The only other alternative is to generate an appropriate MAKEOBJDIR
    variable for each module directory.  That might require ripping up too
    much stuff though.


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