A checkin was just made that fixed a mutex that was being held incorrectly
in psignal, which features in your stack trace.

It's possible that this has been fixed in the last 24 hours.

Szilveszter Adam wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 30, 2000 at 09:41:08AM -0600, Michael Harnois wrote:
> > panic: lockable mtx_enter() of lockmgr interlock when not legal @ 
>../../kern/kern_lock.c: 247
> Hello!
> OK, so since nobody has done it before me, I just decided to investigate a
> bit. Remember, that I am not a kernel hacker, so I might be completely
> off-base with what I have done. (In which case, feel free to toast me)
> Machine:
> FreeBSD fonix.hos.u-szeged.hu 5.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #14: Sat Dec
> 30 15
> :04:55 CET 2000     [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/src/sys/compile/FONIX
> i386
> Problem:
> When using ftp, and either a transfer or a dir listing is in progress,
> hitting Ctrl-Z in the terminal on which ftp runs causes a panic. When ftp
> just sits there waiting for ttyin, Ctrl-Z works just fine.
> This is the same panic as the one described in kern/23935, but no ppp is
> needed, it just works:-)
> Other symptoms:
> Maybe related, network performance on my RealTek 8029 (ed) PCI card is
> impacted since the last upgrade (today). Especially ssh performance goes
> down the toilet from time to time (which
> makes it a real PITA to type this letter on our mail server, but machine
> itself is not allowed to send mail because of firewall...) ie characters
> appear with high latency, connection appears to be hung. Interestingly,
> disk activity is *not* impacted, somehow keyboard and network interact in
> non-favorable ways. (ie I can listen to mp3s as I want, it doesn't even
> stutter, also build/installworld and rm -rf /usr/obj/* completed without
> any problems and within normal time-frame.)
> Measures:
> After finding out how to reproduce the panic, I broke out my FM radio and
> took a crash dump. (it's almost party time, after all...) and fired up gdb.
> Poked around some, since the bt posted in the PR is appearently from
> non-debug kernel, and am including the transscript here. I do not think
> there is anything unusual about my kernel config and dmesg, but if you
> think they are interesting, I can post those.
> Next:
> I think I am going to build a new kernel with MUTEX_DEBUG to see if
> anything changes. But I do not have the skillz (even after looking at how
> some of the maestros do it on these lists:-) to investigate a lot more, so
> if you have any ideas at all as to where to go from here, I will gladly
> follow... the machine *can* afford downtime:-) (but crash dumps tend to be
> big since i have 128M of RAM:-)
> Thoughts? Flames?:-)
> --
> Regards:
> Szilveszter ADAM
> Szeged University
> Szeged Hungary
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