On Sat, Dec 30, 2000 at 18:32 +0100, Leif Neland wrote:
> My isp's router is sending me IGMP queries.
> 18:25:07.850008 > >
> igmp v2 query [intvl 10]igmp query [ttl 1]

Ask your provider to not do it. :)  Do you run any multicast
enabled applications, anyhow?  If not, all of the
stuff is not needed ...

> I think it keeps my user-ppp connection open, even if I have
> this rule in my firewall:
> $fwcmd add 65432 deny ip from to any
> If it is true, how can I filter it to stop resetting the
> idle-timeout?

If you use ppp(8) -- you don't state what your uplink looks like,
whether it's an analog modem / ISDN / DSL / plain ethernet /
whatever -- there are four filter lists:  those packets allowed
to pass in, those to pass out, those to trigger dialing and those
to keep the session alive.  All the lists can be positive or
negativ, but are somewhat limited in their length and
flexibility.  Maybe this feature will help you, although all of
the above is what I got from reading "man 8 ppp" and not from
personal experience. :(

> Btw, can I use IGMP to something useful/interesting/funny?

AFAIK it's some kind of dynamic route establishment (learning
about topology by listening to what your neighbour knows about
the network).  Home users and small LANs won't need it IMHO,
maybe WAN links will benefit?  But I'm definitely not keen on
having "the world" tell me where to send my packets to.  I just
hand the traffic to my provider's dialin port. :>

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