On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 05:49 -0500, Louis A. Mamakos wrote:
> IGMP is the protocol used between a multicast router, and
> end-hosts on a subnetwork; much like ICMP is used between a
> router and an end-host to help manage unicast traffic.

I realize now that I have confused IGMP with EGP & friends.
Looking at /etc/protocols could have saved me from this. :)

igmp  2   IGMP   # internet group management protocol
egp   8   EGP    # exterior gateway protocol

> So that's why you're seeing IGMP queries; the multicast router
> is trying to see if you've joined any multicast groups so it
> can try to send you traffic.  It's got nothing to do with
> "having the world tell you where to send your packets to."

The bad feelings I have with these is when reading Linux mailing
lists (far behind in the past:) where people always wondered "why
does my ISP connection always go up / keep up?" when they thought
running routed(8) would be a Bright Idea (TM).  Thinking about
routing in a LAN with four machines and doing it manually must be
very demanding. :>  And again see my above confusion with EGP.

OK, there's sooo much yet to learn for me ...  Keep buzzing when
I do something wrong, I'm very *happy* with getting corrected. :)

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