This has been committed.
People with unusual netgraph usage should contact me
for assistance if things fail.

In particular I would like to get some more pppoe users to try
it as I haven't convinced myself it's tested enough.

For the Netgraph-aware, the following changes have been made.
1/ data and contol-messages are now delivered as part of a larger
entity called an 'item'. Thus the prototypes for these methods has 
changed and the code must be changed to free this (or not) as required.

2/ piggyback responses have been removed, The new response method 
is almost as quick and much cleaner.

3/ All nodes have queues into which items are place IFF 
there is lock contention and teh data cannot be processed immediatly.

I expect the code to be a LITLE shaky for a few days around the time
when nodes are deleted. but operation seems solid.

Julian Elischer wrote:
> I have a largely rewritten version of netgraph
>  ready for commit.
>  It is redesigned to work in an SMP "ouside the BGL" environment.
>  I have not completed it to the stage yet that it will run
>  without BGL yet but it's close and it's running stably.
>  I hope to commit this in about 24 hours (maybe less)
>  the files concerned are:
>  julian@jules:grep Index: /tmp/xx
>  Index: sys/dev/lmc/if_lmc.c
>  Index: sys/dev/usb/udbp.c
>  Index: sys/i386/isa/if_ar.c
>  Index: sys/i386/isa/if_sr.c
>  Index: sys/i4b/driver/i4b_ing.c
>  Index: sys/pci/if_mn.c
>  Index: sys/dev/musycc/musycc.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/netgraph.h
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_UI.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_async.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_base.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_bpf.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_bridge.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_cisco.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_echo.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_ether.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_frame_relay.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_hole.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_iface.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_ksocket.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_lmi.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_message.h
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_mppc.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_one2many.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_ppp.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_pppoe.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_pptpgre.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_rfc1490.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_sample.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_socket.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_tee.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_tty.c
>  Index: sys/netgraph/ng_vjc.c

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