Jun Kuriyama wrote:
> Hi Julian,
> I tried netgraph for the first time to work with latest vmware2 port.
> When I try to load netgraph kernel module, it failed with:
> # kldload ng_bridge
> kldload: can't load ng_bridge: Exec format error

something is terribly broken with the kld loading at the moment.
netgraph actually tries to load modules it needs but it hasn't been 
able to for some months. Also kldload ca SEE what the dependency is 
so the module is telling it correctly, just the kernel is failing 
to load the dependency.. I don't think this is Netgraph's fault.
we haven;t changed anything.. it just stopped working one day.

> And /var/log/messages says:
> Jan 12 16:27:07 waterblue /boot/kernel/kernel: KLD ng_bridge.ko: depends on ng_ether 
>- not available
> But ng_ether.ko is already loaded automatically (checked by kldstat).
> Is this known problem, or my local configuration mistake?
> # My environment is "make world"ed yesterday and kernel is latest.
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