hub seems to be acting up, so I'm sending this a second time...  Sorry for
any duplicates.

At http://people.FreeBSD.org/~reg/, I have placed the latest of my
patches to the pkg_install tools.  This is an almost complete rewrite of
the tools, based around a 'Package Manager', which supplies an API which
could be used by third party applications (like a KDE or GTK+

There is more status on the page, but the current patch set implements:
 - which(1) like functionality, to tell you which package installed a
   particular file.
 - BUILD_DEPEND and LIB_DEPEND style dependency checking, which relies
   on installed files and libraries, not the package names.
 - Use pkg_add from bsd.port.mk, so that building a port no longer
   requires any of the dependencies to be checked out.
 - Backup packages created from the installed packages. Future
   enhancements include the ability to run a backup script to save
   local configuration/data files into the backup package.
 - Inplace upgrading of installed packages, by deleting the old package,
   except it's shared libraries, and merging these into the new
   package's plist.  This will obsolete the recent pkg_upgrade commit.

The code is pretty rough at the moment.  I'm still testing it, so expect
a new release soon, with a bunch of bug fixes.  I would really like
people to comment on the added functionality, the design and pkg_mgr API
and also do some testing for me.

There is also a patch for bsd.port.mk, which uses these changes.


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