On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 11:15:23AM +0100, Alexander Langer wrote:
> This is great!

Thanks.  With a litle bit more work, I'm hoping to have solved all of my
current peeves with ports/packages.  Then it'll be time to look for
new peeves...

> However, the patch has some whitespace-fubars:

Sorry about that...  I've corrected the patch (and also removed the CVS
.#* leftovers...).

The current source uses a wierd 8 space tab and 4 hard space
indentation, which I just wacked with perl, and I've been editting the
code using 4 space tabs.  Before this gets committed, I'll make sure
that the indentation is correct, although I'll probably keep it at 4
space tabs, and not 8 space like style(9), because I prefer that, and I
know Jordan does too.


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