> > > > U crypto/kerberosIV/appl/bsd/login_fbtab.c
> > > > U crypto/kerberosIV/appl/bsd/osfc2.c
> > > > U crypto/kerberosIV/appl/bsd/pathnames.h_
> > > > U crypto/kerberosIV/appl/bsd/rcmd_util.c
> > > > cvs update: warning: unrecognized response ` If there are any IP options on 
>`sock', die.' from cvs server
> > > > cvs update: warning: unrecognized response ` */' from cvs server
> > [...]
> > 
> > It sounds like maybe the rcmd_util.c,v RCS file is corrupted on the
> > CVS server.  Just a guess.  I haven't seen the problem here.
> Don't think so.. this happens rather randomly for random files
> (i.e., more than one).  The same file will update correctly on the
> second try (but then it barfs on another one).
> It doesn't seem to happen for patched files, only for files that
> are downloaded whole.. ie, if you blow away an entire directory
> and then download it again.

Just a question.  Are you using any sort of transport mechanism (besides
rsh) in the middle?  I had problems like this when using F-Secure's
Windows client using compression, which blew up.  We switched the users
to SecureCRT and the problems went away.


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