Julian Elischer writes:
 > > 
 > > Isn't this gross?  Is there a better way?
 > I think that the better way is to actually have each open have a 
 > different minor number.
 > i.e. each process opens a different copy.

 > The way to achieve this best is with cloning devices.
 > apply within phk for more info :-)

Does this mean that the processes can open /dev/foo0 twice and the
driver sees a different minor number for each open?  Or does it mean
that the process has to open /dev/foo0 and /dev/foo1?  

If the former, that's awesome!... How do I use it?

If the latter, then it isn't practical for things like vmware and my
Giganet VI driver because both depend on closed-source userland code
which cannot be taught to open differently named special files.

 > I could imagine however that you could assume that each process 
 > opens the device only once, and thus have a hash-table of 
 > private info, keyed on curproc. You should be able to store the curproc
 > key with the request currently being serviced so that teh interrupt routines
 > can also use the same key.

It would simplifly things, but I don't think that this is going to be
a valid assumption in general..



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