At 6:55 PM -0800 1/12/01, John Baldwin wrote:
>On 13-Jan-01 Jordan Hubbard wrote:
>  > If anybody wants a fuller traceback then I'll compile up a kernel
>  > with debugging symbols, but it's going to be pretty sparse anyway
>  > since it basically only shows the trap() from the page fault and
>  > the subsequent panic.
>All the other traces show the kernel having returned to an address
>that is beyond the end of the kernel (which causes the page fault)
>meaning that the stack is fubar'd, so the trace isn't meaningful
>anyways. :(  Knowing how and why the lpd interrupt handler trashes
>the stack is the useful info, and with the stack already trashed,
>I don't know of an easy way to figure that out.

Do you really mean the "lpd interrupt handler", or do you mean
the "lpt interrupt handler"?  Does this problem only happen when
lpd is sending data thru /dev/lpt?
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