>Has there been any resolution to this?  I've been having this problem
>ever since the SMPng stuff went into the tree.  I have no success in
>getting my splash screen to work anymore or in changing video modes with
>vidcontrol.  The splash_bmp KLD always reports the following:
>module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (splash_bmp, c037f824, 0) error 2
>I have done a careful comparison of GENERIC.hints and the
>/boot/device.hints that I made back when it became a requirement.  I've
>searched the archives and come up empty.  I also read cvs-all
>faithfully, and while I have gotten backed up on mail due to a short
>vacation here and there, I haven't seen any related commits.

Sounds to me like your modules directory is outdated. Have you read 
UPDATING in the src root? A while ago we went from /modules to 
/boot/kernel. But /modules is checked first by the loader. So remove (or 
rename) /modules if it's still on your system.

If that wasn't it..........let us know


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