In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Will Andrews writes:
: Of course.  But of these people, which really need 5.x's features over
: 4.x?  Plus they can still compile I386_CPU by itself, which I'm sure
: they already do to keep the kernel size as small as possible.

That's a red herring.  The new features thing is what I mean.  If I
were creating a product, I'd want one that is supported.  So even if I
don't *NEED* a feature in 5.x, I might migrate my product to 5.x so
that I can continue to get bug fixes and leverage more support than I
can get with an older rev.  One of the 5.x features might well be a
new compiler.  I don't see that sort of thing being back ported to 4.x
at this point.

That's one of the big reasons that we're 4.x based right now rather
than 3.x based, despite 4.x's slightly larger memory footprint.  That
and 4.x's much better c++ compiler.

So it isn't as simple as you are trying to paint it.


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