> > That's one of the big reasons that we're 4.x based right now rather
> > than 3.x based, despite 4.x's slightly larger memory footprint.  That
> > and 4.x's much better c++ compiler.
> Well, Warner, I've never done embedded systems.  So, tell me, do they
> actually use any C++ code in embedded systems?  C++ has a rather high
> overhead as far as disk space & memory goes.  I would imagine that 99%+
> of embedded systems do not use C++ code except perhaps for a very small
> amount of the code.

You have a very vivid imagination.

Unfortunately, imagination isn't very helpful here; the whole idea is to 
do stuff that's actually useful, not just what we'd imagine might be 
useful.  And in that regard, a *lot* of application  programming (which 
includes programming for embedded systems) is done using c++ compilers.

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