On 18-Jan-01 Rogier Mulhuijzen wrote:
> Got a nice crash while running XMMS under X11 and running a 'make world -j 
> 128 -DNOCLEAN' on ttyv0
> Current was cvsupped on the 17th in the morning (Central European Time) IIRC.
> Attached:     script(1) output of gdb kernel trace
>               Kernel config file
>               dmesg(8) output
> I'm not an expert on tracing panics, I just followed the instructions in 
> the FAQ, so feel free to ask me to look at stuff.
>       DocWilco

If you look at the traceback, vref() was called with a NULL vnode as its
parameter, so the panic is due to dereferencing a NULL pointer, not a bug in
the atomic ops. :)  As to why the kernel was vref()'ing a NULL pointer, I have
no idea.


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