>If you look at the traceback, vref() was called with a NULL vnode as its
>parameter, so the panic is due to dereferencing a NULL pointer, not a bug in
>the atomic ops. :)  As to why the kernel was vref()'ing a NULL pointer, I have
>no idea.

#11 0xc01c057f in vref (vp=0x0) at machine/atomic.h:332
#12 0xc0f7aa82 in ?? ()
#13 0xc0f7b933 in ?? ()
#14 0xc0f7de1c in ?? ()
#15 0xc0f7abb5 in ?? ()
#16 0xc01c8acc in vn_read (fp=0xc105e9c0, uio=0xc7ff1ee4, cred=0xc1047600,
     flags=0, p=0xc7f61540) at vnode_if.h:279
#17 0xc019b9ba in dofileread (p=0xc7f61540, fp=0xc105e9c0, fd=9,
     buf=0x8223c00, nbyte=512, offset=-1, flags=0) at ../../sys/file.h:141

Yup, looks like you're right. Totally overlooked that. (Can you tell 
reading this is new to me? =) )

My next question is, where are those ??'s from in #12 - #15? Could they be 
addresses in kernel modules?

If so, how do I readable output from that, save compiling everything into 
the kernel statically?


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