On 18-Jan-01 Julian Elischer wrote:
> Soren Schmidt wrote:
>> It seems Peter Wemm wrote:
>> >
>> > Soren, can you retest a buildworld with the currently committed kernel
>> > with no other changes?  Let us see if the forward_signal() stuff is the
>> > culprit, and if not, try adding just the i386/i386/machdep.c patch to HLT
>> > the idle CPU.  (if *that* makes a difference then we have got trouble!)
>> It seems that the HLT thing is exactly the patch that makes it work!
>> So we have trouble, I said that all along .5 :)
> I don't know about your system but mine gets a LOT warmer
> when HALT is disabled.

We don't IPI a hlt'd CPU in setrunqueue() right now, so once a CPU is HLT'd it
stays idle until the I/O APIC sends it an interrupt to handle.  I've watched
top(1) during a buildworld with this enabled and have seen it with 8 processes
in SRUN, but one CPU idle. :(  Also, FWIW, the quad xeon doesn't use this patch
and has run fine for several days now.


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