On 19-Jan-01 Soren Schmidt wrote:
> It seems Peter Wemm wrote:
>> Soren Schmidt wrote:
>> > It seems Peter Wemm wrote:
>> > > 
>> > > Soren, can you retest a buildworld with the currently committed kernel
>> > > with no other changes?  Let us see if the forward_signal() stuff is the
>> > > culprit, and if not, try adding just the i386/i386/machdep.c patch to
>> > > HLT
>> > > the idle CPU.  (if *that* makes a difference then we have got trouble!)
>> > 
>> > It seems that the HLT thing is exactly the patch that makes it work!
>> > 
>> > So we have trouble, I said that all along .5 :)
>> So, the difference between -current working for you or not is this:
> [diff snipped]
>> ??  No other changes?
> I need the FULL change to machdep.c and apparently the chagne to subr_prf.c
> is needed too, at least it hasnt broke yet with that in place too, not
> that I can see why it matters though.
> The new diff to machdep.c that jhb made yesterday also causes trouble.
>> This is bad news..  This means we have races somewhere, or some other
>> badness.

That my other diff didn't work is more bad news.
> That is what I've been harping about for months...
> What strikes me here as a very serious problem is that the SMPng developers
> has told me over and over that it works fine for them on -current, but
> when we get to the matter after months of frustration, it suddenly appears
> that they are not running the same -current as the rest of us.

This is _not_ true.  My quad xeon test box runs a pure source tree, and has not
had a single problem building many worlds and releases since the fix to
atomic_store_rel_ptr().  Also, I rebuilt a fresh kernel from a freshly checked
out tree without any patches today on mutex (the machine I built kernel.sos on)
and that kernel has built worlds today without _any_ lockups.  In fact,
smp_hlt.patch is only something I've played with a bit for the last few weeks,
and it doesn't really work anyways, as you can end up with CPU's staying in the
HLT state for long periods of time even though there are runnable jobs, which
is why I haven't bothered committing this.

Can you post a dmesg of your box?


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