> the hostname, one being a syscall and the other being a sysctl. One
> could of course have the kernel print a message to the console about
> it, syslogd(8) would pick that up.

Yes, I was about to propose this, but then I thought: why? If we go this way,
then we should definitely also log an IP address change, maybe even our default
router change MAC address... why not even hardware changes since last reboot?

Working in a security job, I can understand worries about important events
going unnoticed. But doing this in kernel is IMHO overkill, maybe it could be
interesting for TrustetBSD, but not in the normal kernel; at least, it should
be configurable at both compile time and runtime (high securelevel and/or a

The Right Way (tm) to do this is to use (or write) an host intrusion detection

Having said this, the proposed patch looks fine to me and I think it should be


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