Ok so I have tried the settings in 
teh loader conf..
I have:

#autoboot_delay="10"            # Delay in seconds before autobooting
#console="vidconsole"           # Set the current console
currdev="disk1s1a"              # Set the current device
module_path="/boot/kernel;/boot/modules"        # Set the module search path
#prompt="\\${interpret}"        # Set the command prompt
root_disk_unit="1"              # Force the root disk unit number
rootdev="disk1s1a"              # Set the root filesystem

but it still loads disk0 as root..

what am I doing wrong?

(this is the conf file on the 2nd disk..)
I hit F5 (2nd disk)
then F1 (FreeBSD)
and then it loads the loader.
I examined the settings and they appear right in the loader.
(It uses the 2nd disk while loading the kernel so Iassume that 
it is correct)
but is still mounts ad0s4a as root....
what am I doing wrong..?

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