> > What I want to know is can I just link tap0.upper to a new bridge hook? It
> > seems to me that is the case.
>yes I believe so..
>you can hook as many interfaces as you want to the bridge node.
>(but you probably don't want to BRIDGE to your cable modem, but to ROUTE
>to it.... )

Don't worry =)

I do want to bridge to the tunnel that goes over my cable modem though. 
Make a real VPN there. (And yeah encrypted links)

> > I don't see how though. Lets say I link only to left, right and left2right.
> > Now when data enters left it will go to both right and left2right. When
> > data enters right it goes to left. But when data enters left2right it goes
> > to right, not left, where I want it.
>no, data entering left2right goes to left.
>(errrr. At least it did when I wrote it.. if not let me know )

 From ng_tee(4)

      Packets may also be received on right2left and left2right; if so, they
      are forwarded unchanged out hooks left and right, respectively.

packets on left2right are delivered on right....

And to be sure I checked ng_tee.c:

         } else if (hinfo == &sc->left2right) {
                 dup = NULL;
                 dest = &sc->right;

I'll just add the algorithm to ng_tee...


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