> I'd be happy to (I like a challenge) but I still require access to the 
> standards for that. So my question still stands, does BSDi have IEEE 
> subscriptions for FreeBSD developers to use, or are there any other ways 
> for me to aquire (legally of course) the standards I need without having to 
> shell out the 1K US$ myself.

You can probably find good sources of informations around on the net. Cisco
comes immediately to my mind, 3Com and redbooks.com are also very likely to
have. I'd also check ethereal sources, where packet-bpdu.c includes most of
what you need to start interpreting packets you receive, and send new ones
(well, you also need llcsaps.h and oui.h).
Speaking of 802.1G (BCP) you should look at RFC2878... wait, checking on
that again, I just found out that this is THE document for bridging, so
start from that ;-) Also, RFC 1638 documents the old STP protocol.
Even though I could find nothing more in RFCs, a quick tcpdump confirmed
that most STP involves broadcasts to 01-80-c2-00-00-00.

> I'd probably go for the Cisco defaults. And there are lots of netgraph 
> nodes with settings you can change. So I'd consider being able to change 
> the values pretty much a given. =)

Ok. As I said, I know quite well bridging from my Cisco certifications days,
but no experience with netgraph ;-)

> Duly noted. I recall reading that 802.1Q extends the 802.1D standardble to 
> understand VLANs, but that most implementations still use a single STP 
> instance. Cisco of course uses multiple instances (did I read this on a 
> Cisco related site? noooo =) ).

Yes, implementation dependant.

> >Having said that, while I am not able to help in writing code (no time to
> >learn netgraph, sorry), I will be more than happy to test it, having a
> >home network comprising a -current box with 4 ethernet ports and 3 or 4
> >differents brands / models of hubs/switches.
> I'll drop you a line when the time comes.

Ok. Please keep me updated.


            0 and 1. Now what could be so hard about that?

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