In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> you wrote:
> asmodai     2001/01/28 15:21:00 PST
>  Modified files:
>    usr.sbin/named       Makefile 
>  Log:
>  Add static dependency on libisc.a to get isc_movefile() on which named
>  now depends.  This keeps named the same as before the import, that is: only
>  linking against libc dynamically, at a little space increase, which might
>  be due to the source code changes anyway.  Very neglectable space
>  difference.
>  Some people might dub it a hack.  It will do for now at least.
>  Revision  Changes    Path
>  1.26      +12 -1     src/usr.sbin/named/Makefile

        It seems to me that the same kind of libisc dependency
must be provided for 'libexec/named-xfer', because it now stops
buildworld with the 'isc_movefile' unresolved message.

        At the same time it seems to me that now 'lib/libbind'
contains many files/functions which are also present in the
newly created 'lib/libisc'. Is it right ?


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