At 29 Jan 2001 11:49:36 +0100,
Dag-Erling Smorgrav <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> No. Mergemaster doesn't care about the contents of the file, only
> about its $FreeBSD$ tag. As long as this stays the same, it'll leave
> the file alone. If you remove the $FreeBSD$ tag in the installed file
> or someone commits to src/etc/shells, mergemaster will prompt you.

I want mergemaster(8) to have a list not to compare.  It is not
necessary for mergemaster(8) to compare host specific files, for
example, /etc/hosts, /etc/printcap and /etc/shells, to their
originals in /usr/src.  I want that system managers for local
hosts can decide which files follow the source and which files
do not.

Akita Univeristy, Japan

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